Hi there,

I am CEO at Codelitt Incubator, a mixed corporate skunkworks and R&D program and startup incubator that works with multinational Fortune 500's and young startups alike.

I have worked with startups and investors across Latin America, Europe, and North America, worked in the corporate environment, built a couple companies, and built even more things for the web. I am a staunch supporter of the EFF, Mozilla, The Linux Foundation, and other open source and net freedom focused organizations. I volunteer teaching digital security and privacy to journalists in Latin America.

I started out writing code on a Macintosh Plus, went to school for communication and marketing, and then realized I could combine my love of technology with his business education. Although business focused now, I still spend a bit of time in Ruby, Rails, Arch Linux, and Sinatra. Troublemaker and rebel rouser.

For fun I work on motorcycles, mostly Harleys; spend time on the ocean, and ski.

If you want to talk about my hobbies, you can reach me at littlewoodcody [at] gmail.com.

If you want to talk about our corporate skunkworks and R&D program at Codelitt, anything startup related, or tech related, you can reach me at cody [at] codelitt.com.

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Cody Littlewood aka ./codelitt

Rants, raves, & ramblings about technology, innovation, R&D, business, software & building things for the web

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